Dualdyne Vocal Microphone
The Dualdyne has arrived.
Introducing the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone.

Realizing Dualdyne meant reinventing
how mics are made. Watch the video.

KSM8 - unveiled at
 NAMM 2016 
Jan. 21-24

Meet the Dualdyne

Achieving the sound quality demanded by elite performers and venues no longer requires sacrificing the rugged reliability of a dynamic microphone.

With a patented cartridge design that features two ultra-thin diaphragms and groundbreaking reverse airflow technology, the KSM8 Dualdyne™ delivers unmatched control of proximity effect, presence peaks, and bleed and requires minimal EQ and processing.

Introducing the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone.

77 Years in the Making

The KSM8 Dualdyne. A dynamic microphone revolution that only Shure could stage.


Shure develops Unidyne® cartridge technology, which rejects sound from the rear of the microphone to reduce signal feedback.


Shure advances dynamic cartridge technology with the Unidyne III cartridge, featuring the pneumatic shock mount, which drastically reduces handling noise.


Shure Dualdyne™ cartridge technology provides unmatched sonic accuracy in a dynamic cartridge while all but eliminating proximity effect.

How it Works

Dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille

Lined with hydrophobic woven fabric for exceptional protection against wind, plosives and water, the KSM8 Dualdyne grille is durability redefined.

Patent-pending Diaphragm Stabilization System

Protecting and stabilizing the active diaphragm during plosives and impact, the DSS greatly reduces high-frequency handling noise.

Patented cartridge design with two ultra-thin diaphragms and reverse airflow

Controlled proximity effect vastly increases the working distance without on-axis coloration, delivering the most accurate frequency response available in a dynamic microphone.

Key Benefits

sweet spot

Big sweet spot due to proximity effect control of the second diaphragm

frequency response

Minimal EQ and processing required due to the accurate, flat frequency response

polar pattern

Natural stage bleed and off axis rejection due to textbook cardioid polar pattern

Acclaim for the Dualdyne

This mic has a great sound and very little bleed from the rest of the Stage. I have never tried a good sounding mic I could gain so high before feedback. KSM8 is the best live vocal mic I tried - and I think I tried them all.

David Mørup FOH Engineer / Music Producer
Mørup Productions

KSM8 delivers powerful sound which is at least 20% better in comparison with other Shure microphones. It is [...] a great microphone for touring engineers.

Santosh Narayanan Sound – Head of department
Mediakraft LLC

The new KSM8 is a blast! Very strong and well defined mid, smooth high end, great separation from the background and easy control of proximity... for me it’s now my prime choice!"

Kris Polesinski Sound Engineer

We have applied KSM8 capsules with the Söhne Mannheims and all capsules really pleased me. Spontaneously, I would say: it is one of the top vocal capsules on the market – a position that is held by the fewest. The reproduction is powerful and straightforward, the sound is clear. Moreover, KSM8 matches highly diverse voices, which makes it universally deployable.

Roger Wagener FOH
Söhne Mannheims

The microphone is amazing. I love the design of KSM8 and the strength of the grill. I am impressed by the proximity and dualdyne technology. Beta58 or KSM8? KSM8 would be my choice.

Bruno Vitanza Technical Director
Almoe Rentals AV

It's a hit! Marcus really enjoyed the KSM8 on his first gig with it last night at Rock in Roma. As did I. Really clean, flat response, smooth HF and the reduction in spill is quite amazing! He’d like to change the mic out mid tour, Marcus also commented on how good the mic looked, and wanted to use it immediately...."

Chris Pollard FOH
Mumford & Sons

What’s Available

Wired Microphones

Black Finish KSM8/B
Nickel Finish KSM8/N

Includes zipper bag, microphone clip, and user guide.

Wireless Microphones

Black Finish Available for:

  • Axient®
  • UHF-R®
  • ULX-D® Digital
  • QLX-D® Digital

Nickel Finish Available for:

  • UHF-R®
  • ULX-D® Digital

Includes 2 AA batteries, zipper bag, microphone clip, and user guide.

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